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Designers i
  • Client:Katie Ebbens
  • Brand:Designers i
  • Role:Web Design & Social Media Management
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The Challenge

Getting noticed in a fairly large city is a bit difficult, getting clients is even harder. In interior design, like any other creative field, the competition is cut throat.

To increase awareness and boost the brand's profile, Designers i had to broaden their approach. It's a numbers game, when more people see why you are good at what you do the more business you will receive.

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The Solution

Combining branded content creation and an aggressive social media strategy, Insight Catch built Designer it's digital presence into a machine that actually produces a result. The web blog, social media, and SEO all feed into each other.

Katie Ebbens, owner and designer, started a blog with the intention of attracting other bloggers and encouraging them to re blog her posts. The blog posts range in topic from remodels to window treatments and are all written from the professionals perspective. Having a figure head in the company is the key to any social self promotion. People relate to the people associated with your brand and not necessarily the brand itself. Visit the Designers i site here.