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Lose Weight Laboratories
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The Challenge

A healthy lifestyle is often sacrificed for other needs in ones life. Weight management is a system that many Americans must bring into their lives to preserve health and wellbeing. It is important to make wellness easy and accessible.

Many weight management supplements make outrageous statements and have no scientific basis to support their claims. Consumers do not have a ton of information pointing them towards the legitimate products.

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The Solution

Educating the consumer without selling them is our approach. We looked at how people are influenced by weight and the media that drives the message. We borrowed from women's magazines like Cosmo and fashion mags like Vogue basic content delivery.

We need to make the consumer feel educated and informed about what is happening to them. Next you need to get them feeling exited and empowered about what is going to happen. Keeping things colorful and fun all along the way.

Once educated the consumer can truly gauge the true value of the product. There will always be the temptation to purchase inferior products that are less expensive.

Representing LWL in social media as an authority on weight loss management was important to driving the overall brand. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves and need that support, especially when trying to lose weight. We provided content and information to the different social channels and got LWL a legitimate following.

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The Results


Twitter followers and counting.