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Shrink Protein
  • Client:iMad LLC
  • Brand:Shrink Protein
  • Role:Brand Creation & Management
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The Challenge

Over the past decade the dietary supplement industry has exploded in scope. Thousands of brands and millions of products later the marketplace has become tougher for new products to grab a piece of the action. Standing out in the crowd is not the only obstacle, consumers are a little weary of "the next best thing".

We need to launch this product with a big emphasis on education and ease. We need to show the consumer why it's different and why that's good for them.

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The Solution

We created branded infographics, HD motion graphic shorts, and an insightful social media strategy to hit the ground running and get people to think about shrink and how they can easily fit more protein in their day.

Getting real feedback in a timely fashion can give a new product the ability to course correct without losing customers. We built Shrink an actionable community management strategy for each of their social media channels to engage their fans and followers on deeper, more meaningful levels. To augment their social commerce efforts, we engineered several seasonal Facebook mini-campaigns and tabs, and created in-post product-purchasing widgets. We made shopping a one-click experience, right inside their Facebook Page, often updated in real-time to coincide with sales and new products.

Currently we are leveraging our network of social partners preparing for the initial launch. The formulation and testing phases are almost complete on all flavors. Check out the beta site here.